Sport science gives us an insight of learning process from different ages. We teach in accordance of their aptitude.


The fastest way to learn a new skill is to enjoy through the learning process which is our philosophy. 


12 years coaching experience let us know what most students struggle with and how to tackle it. 


We care about our students and make sure we deliver what they need. 

With a sport science background and over 12 years of teaching experience, Uncle Bill brings both his expertise and his passion  to the court, helping you believe & achieve!

Uncle Bill is graduated in Sport Training Science which equip me with enormous knowledge about the insight behind the learning process. Interestingly, children and adult have a very different learning style. kid always learn from playing without consciousness, while adult needs information and interpretation to put into the brain before learning a new skill. Even though they have a very different way of learning, the key element of mastering a skill is to have fun which is Uncle Bill's philosophy. 

Base on the various need for mature and young student, Uncle Bill designs the lessons differently. Kid's lesson mainly develop the essential motor skill (agility, coordination, reaction....)  through game situation with a little bit technique training in between. While adult's training focus on the self- achievement such as mastering a new stroke or tackling a bad habit by providing an optimal challenge environment ( not too easy or not too difficult).